General Instructions

WirelessMicroColorCam Systems

As with all wireless products some interference with the wireless signal may be experienced.  Careful placement of the receiver will minimize or eliminate this interference.  For the least amount of interference both the camera and receiver antenna should be vertical.  The receiver should be as high as possible and away from people and all objects, especially metal ones. 



Do not cut off the power connector on the camera.  There is a small printed circuit board embedded in the black plastic surrounding the female power connector.  If you try to wire the camera directly to the 9 volt battery or power supply you will let the Magic Smoke out of the camera and it will not function any more.  If you need the connector removed for your installation we provide a service that will do that.  The cost for this service is $15.00.  Call us for details 570-620-9080.


General Instructions For All Systems


1. All cameras except the CCS-830D have a small white dot on the back of the camera with a black number inside the dot.  This is the channel number that the camera operates on.  This is the camera receiver channel number not the TV channel number.  The camera operates on a DC voltage of 8 – 9 volts.  If you connect the camera to a higher voltage or reverse the polarity you will let the Magic Smoke out and the camera will cease to function and may not be repairable.  The camera will draw power from the 9 volt source even if the receiver is turned off.  Disconnect the 9 volt source when the camera is not in use.  Normal battery life is about 5 hours from a good battery.  The transmission range is about 300 feet.  Dollar store batteries may only last for 15 minutes.


2.  The receiver can receive all four camera channels.  The channel is selected with the push button switch on the front of the receiver.  There are 4 red LED’s on the front of the receiver.  The LED that is lighted is the channel number that the receiver is tuned to.  The lighted LED should correspond to the white dot number on the back of the camera.  The receiver is connected to a wall power supply.  You received two wall power supplies with your system.  The wall power supply with the larger connector is the one for the receiver.  Your system is supplied with an A/V cable that is approximately 24 inches long.  This cable has a RED connector and a YELLOW connector on both ends.  This cable is to be used to connect your camera receiver to your TV or monitor.  You can extend this cable up to 50 feet if necessary.  Extension cables are available at Radio Shack, Wal Mart, Best Buy and other electronic outlets.  When connecting the camera receiver to a TV set you must select the AV input, game input, line input, or similar selection on the TV.  The camera receiver does not work with TV channel 3 or 4.  Connect the camera receiver to your TV with the supplied cable.  Connect the appropriate wall power supply to the camera receiver and depress the rocker switch on the back of the camera receiver to turn the receiver on.  The channel 1 LED should be lighted.  If your camera is on one of the other channels press the push button switch on the front of the camera receiver until the proper LED is lighted.


3.  Connect the camera 9 volt battery clip to a fresh 9 volt battery before you connect the battery clip to the camera.  This procedure will eliminate the possibility of accidentally reversing the polarity to the camera.  Reversing the polarity could damage the camera and void the warranty.


4.  With the camera connected to a fresh battery and the camera receiver turned on and connected to your TV turn your TV on.  Select the correct input, the AV input, game input, line input, or similar selection.  Remember this system does not work on TV channel 3 or 4.  With the proper input selected on your TV you should now see an image from the camera on your TV.  If you do not see an image please verify that the camera receiver is tuned to the correct camera channel, the number in the white dot on the back of the camera.  Also please make sure you have selected the proper input source on your TV if you do not see an image on your TV.  If you hear a loud squeal from your TV this is audio feedback.  Turn the TV volume down until the squeal is gone.


Now have some fun.  Our wireless camera systems are used on Model Trains, RC Cars, RC Airplanes, Baby Room Monitors, Model Rockets, Bird Watching, Security Systems and many more applications.  Please use your system in accordance with Federal, State, and Local laws governing surveillance if your use is for security applications.  We supply an 8 volt wall power supply for use with the camera if you are using the camera in a stationary location.  This way you will not need to replace the battery every 5 hours.

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